About Us

Puget Sound Prototype (PSP) is a start-up digital prototyping and fabrication company based in Seattle, Washington.  PSP was created to meet the demand for rapid prototyping and fabrication, and has a 21st century business model based on digital technology—primarily in the form of 3D printing and Computer Aided Design (CAD).  The company’s long-term vision includes an expansion into 5-axis CNC milling, mold-making and routing, CNC metal tube bending, water jet and laser cutting.

On the cutting-edge of innovation, PSP offers a fresh approach in facilitating the realization of concepts and ideas.  This is achieved by the creation of working models and prototypes in an efficient, cost-effective way, which in turn reduces or eliminates altogether manufacturing barriers-of-entry. PSP is the exclusive design licensee for Max Eternity.